Video Surveillance: New Solutions to Help Employees

Businesses are consistently looking for solutions to increase profitability.  One solution that is rapidly growing is video surveillance.  Employers are using video surveillance to monitor employees for a number of reasons that help support a healthy work culture and increases profitability. Listed below are reasons how employees benefit from the use of video surveillance while improving work culture.

Reasons Employees Benefit from Video SurveillanceVideo Surveillance

  • Helps minimize employee micromanaging
  • Improves employee/employer relationships
  • Employees can evaluate personal productivity
  • Managers can easily spot employee strengths and weaknesses
  • Allows for more flexible work environment
  • Timely and effective feedback from managers
  • Helps prevent negligent behaviors
  • Employees can protect personal assets
  • Employees can have real time examples to help support cases
  • Relieves safety concerns employees may have
  • Increases employee efficiency which often leads to increased salary or bonuses

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