The Sybran Team

Jeff PowellJeff Powell

President & Founder

Jeff is the Founder of Sybran and serves as the President of the company. Everyone who knows Jeff knows he is very kinesthetic and relational. Making sure everyone he interacts with is happy is very important to him; whether it’s his family, friends, every person on the Sybran team and every single customer. He is always striving to be better personally, spiritually and professionally, whether that’s through others who have wisdom, books, training seminars, church or any method so he feels that he is constantly moving forward.

Jeff’s core role at Sybran is to tailor solutions to meet customer’s needs, build relationships with our Providers, and to support our Agent network. The Sybran tag line “We Have Connections” means a lot. It’s because of these connections with so many providers that Sybran customers are able to stay on track with the products and solutions that make the most sense for their specific needs, and that means a lot to every member of our team at Sybran.

Prior to founding Sybran, Jeff had 10 years of entrepreneurial experience at a young age working for his father who owned his own business for 20 years. Jeff started in the telecom industry at the young age of 19 working in sales at Sprint. He has spent more than 30 years in the telecom industry. Jeff and his wonderful wife Jenn call Overland Park, Kansas home. He has four sons: Kendon who has blessed him with three beautiful granddaughters, Casey, who is in the United States Navy and two sons still at home; Keegan and Crosby who definitely keep him on his toes!