Client Testimonials


“Kansas Christian College, formerly Kansas City College and Bible School/ Overland Christian School has worked with Sybran Communications for many years. Their greatest value became apparent in 2012 when they facilitated switching not only to a new carrier but to a new system.

“Jeff Powell did an incredible job of tracking options, providing information and insuring that the transition was accurate and complete. As our institution has tripled in student numbers over the past 6 years our communication needs, both in phone service and internet service has grown dramatically. We are pleased to be working with someone we can trust and look forward to continuing our relationship.”

– Delbert L. Scott, President

hcc of rural missouriHCC OF RURAL MISSOURI

“The partnership between Sybran Communications and HCC of Rural Missouri is invaluable to our daily operations. The leadership Sybran provides to our non profit organization is top notch. We truly appreciate their attention to our IT needs, budget restrictions and internal competency level. We look forward to a long-term relationship with Sybran Communications.”

– Toniann Richard, Executive Director


“When we moved to our 46,000 sq ft building right off I-35, we couldn’t believe that we couldn’t get any cell service, no matter what the carrier. It was a nightmare! Then Sybran installed signal boosters throughout our building…now my 3G signal works better than our WiFi. Our cell phone signal works anywhere in our building; our warehouse, docking area and even our parking lot. They did a great job! LBA would highly recommend Sybran Communications for any voice and data needs you may have.”

– Brad McGee

innovative telecom consultantsINNOVATIVE TELECOM CONSULTANTS

“I have worked with Sybran Communications for several years and they are great to work with. They have more than enough service providers to provide my clients solutions for any size voice or data opportunity. They are easy to work with and are always prompt on providing simple and complex solutions I need, including wireline and wireless.”

– Brad Allen

excel industriesEXCEL INDUSTRIES

“Just wanted to write a quick note to thank you very much for the new cell phone booster you guys installed for us this week. I can honestly say that this contract job was one of the most professional and efficient installs that I’ve been involved with. We had many people compliment both you and Skeeter on your thoroughness and attention to detail.

“Folks hardly knew you were even working and you not only made certain to clean up any mess that goes along with that work but you also verified that the equipment was performing optimally before you signed off on being done with the project. I also really appreciated the interaction with you to frame up the project, establish requirements, and set install dates. You guys met that schedule and in fact, finished the install ahead of schedule. Bottom line is that I couldn’t be more pleased with the project and the results. Nothing exemplifies that better than the dozen or so emails of “thank you’s” from a variety of employees that we’ve already received.

“Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need a reference down the road. Should we need to add boosters elsewhere we’ll not look further than Sybran. On behalf of Marcus and myself, thanks again.”

– Rick Weaver, Director of I.T.


“We have been with Sybran Communications for a number of years. They have always proven to be very professional and have our best interests at heart. Any problems, concerns or upgrades we have had were always handled with a very positive outcome.”

– Charlene Bishop


“Our Rural Hospital had found itself with an aging and degrading phone system. In fact, a couple of lines to our Rural Health Clinic had degraded to the point that patients thought we were hanging up on them. We knew that we needed to do something and do it quick. A few years ago a friend of mine, Toniann Richard at HCC of Rural Missouri had worked with Jeff Powell and Sybran on installing a new phone system at their business and had great success. Toniann had only the very best things to say about Jeff and the service that Sybran provided, so we reached out to them.

“I visited with Jeff Powell and described to him our situation and our needs. Jeff couldn’t have been more pleasant to deal with. His attention to detail was fantastic and after several weeks we had agreed upon a system that was going to bring us into the 21st Century, Voice over IP, Direct Lines to each employee, calls that were crystal clear, and something we had never had… a voice message system for all of our employees.

“In fact, the phone system is setup so that if I receive a voice message, not only will it record it, but it’ll also email me an mp3 digital recording of the voicemail to my email. Now I never miss an important phone call no matter where I am. The astounding thing is that Sybran and Net2Phone was able to accomplish all of this for $800.00 less per month than we were paying with our old barely functioning phone service.

“I have only the highest regards for both Sybran and Net2Phone. They worked closely with our IT Director setting up the entire project, established requirements and needs, and setup install dates that they hit right on the nose. They worked closely with us to make sure everything was working as we expected before they left our facility. Numerous times they have followed up with phone calls to make sure that the phone system continues to work as it should. I would not hesitate to use Sybran again and would easily recommend their service to my best friend.

“In fact after our installation I suggested Sybran to a friend of mine who is the CEO at I-70 Hospital in Sweet Springs Missouri. They completed their installation of the phone system just last week and are ecstatic with their new service. Great job Sybran!”

– James D. Noble, CEO

Fry Orthodontics testimonialFRY ORTHODONTIC SPECIALISTS

“Thanks for doing a super job installing the booster for us. It is working great, and we are very happy.”

– Bob Fry

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